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While most of our work is done in Cape Town, we have delivered pool tables all over the Western Cape and plan to deliver all over South Africa.
The cost is based on several things. The manufacturer and model of your table, the distance traveled, and flights of stairs are just some of the factors. You really need to call us so that we can identify the extent of labour required to do your move. Please tell us as much information about the move that you have, and we will be able to give you an estimate.
There are several reasons that your cushions may not rebound as good as they should. Their age is the main reason. When they get old, they dry out and get hard. It happens gradually and may not happen to all six cushions at the same time. Once it starts, it is time to replace all six. The cushions can become separated from the rail liners. This can usually be fixed.  The bolts that hold the cushions on the table may be loose or damaged. This can usually be repaired.
It can be a very simple repair that is done by placing shims under the legs. This is relatively inexpensive to do. It can also be a very involved repair if the slate is out of alignment. It will require taking the table apart adjusting and sealing the slate to repair it. This can be costly. Of course, the prices will vary based on the travel time and the make and model of your table.
There are different size tables and different length cue sticks.
The playing surface of a 9’ pool table is 50”x100”. A standard size cue stick is 57" long. The width of the room should be large enough to accommodate the length of the cue stick on either side of the table plus the 50” of the playing surface. That totals 164” or 13’ 8”. The length of the room must accommodate the cue stick length on either side as well as the 100” of playing surface. That totals 214” or 17’ 10”.